Michelle Obama Tried To Challenge Mrs. Trump… Here’s What Happened

by American News 0

When Donald Trump first announced his decision to run for president, he was not taken seriously. That tune is changing, however, now that he has been named President-elect of the United States.

Now, Americans are picturing what our country would look like with the Trumps in the White House. And that includes what it would mean to see Melania Trump as First Lady.

Michelle Obama has repeatedly called out the entire Trump family for not possessing the credentials, experience, and temperament to serve as first family in the White House. She and Obama have even gone as far to campaign against the family, calling them unfit to serve at multiple rallies.

Melania was born in Solvenia and met trump in the 1990s. She married trump in 2005, and gave birth to their first son Barron William Trump one year later.

The media has done what they can to paint Melania as a “dumb” model. But the beautiful woman actually has a degree in design and architecture from the University of Ljubljana. After ending her modeling career, she entered into the world of business.

What do you think? Would Melania make a way better First Lady than Michelle?