Michael Moore Just Got SERIOUS, Announces Plan To ‘Bring Down Sitting President Of The United States’

by American News 0

Michael Moore spent his Easter releasing what he has deemed a plan to ‘bring down’ President Donald Trump. Apparently, Moore is confident that if he creates an anti-Trump movie, he can convince millions of Americans to hate him.

“I think I need to make a movie,” Moore wrote. “Or bring back my weekly series to TV. Or stand on a stage and howl. Or something. Or anything. Or all of it.”

“It’s all happening so fast—the daily dismantling of sections of our government, bombing Syria, threatening war on nuclear North Korea, allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood, eliminating all programs to fight climate, and now trying to turn the Supreme Court into a right-wing junta for the next 40 years,” he continued.

Moore then started plotting how to manipulate the masses into hating our nation’s president.

“Can a simple movie actually bring down a sitting president of the United States?” Moore asked. “Can an urgent, funny TV series meant to reach the people who watch wrestling and the shopping channels actually move them to a better place?”

“Can I go somewhere where I can just walk out and say whatever the eff I want and suddenly some citizens might be moved to peacefully, legally take him down… and take him down NOW?” Moore concluded.

Moore can waste all the time and money he wants to making his movie. It won’t change the fact that Trump is transforming this country. Do you agree?