Megyn Kelly’s Dreams Are Crushed After Receiving Devastating News

by American News 0

Earlier this month, Fox News host Megyn Kelly announced she was leaving Fox News to take a job at NBC News. Initially, she was very happy with her decision. She had, after all, spent the better part of this year desperately trying to appeal to mainstream audiences. It didn’t take long for fans to realize she had made a big mistake.

According to Newsweek, though Fox offered Kelly $100 million to stay at the network, she still decided to jump ship. Her new salary at NBC has not yet been revealed to the public, but sources close to the network say that she is being offered between $17-18 million. And though a three-show deal may sound appealing, experts say they are all recipes for failure.

The first show Kelly will appear on is a daytime talk show, which is a notoriously hard time to be successful—especially with Kelly’s hard approach to the news. Kelly’s second show will appear on Sunday night—another leader in rating losses. It’s questionable whether Kelly will be able to develop any kind of loyal fan base.

Her last gig is the most promising of the three but still pales in comparison to having her own show with Fox News. Kelly has reportedly been offered a position with the 9 AM hour of the Today show.

Kelly will not bring very many fans with her to NBC. She alienated most of her fans this year by frequently disrespecting president-elect Donald Trump. Experts predict the one-star will be bumped to MSNBC, going from the top-rated news network to the lowest.