Media Silent After Black Teen Shoots Newlywed Veteran And Executes His Pregnant Wife

by American News 0

In Colorado, a black teenager was convicted of the murder of a newlywed soldier and his pregnant wife. 19-year-old Macyo Joelle January faced his fate after the jury deliberated only for a few hours before returning with a guilty verdict.

According to the Daily Mail, prosecutors claim that January shot Staff Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and his pregnant wife Whitney Butler, 35, after they returned home to check on their alarm, which had been triggered. January was in the process of burglarizing their home—and shot them both from behind.

According to tragic accounts of the incident, it is possible that Butler was “shot in the head as she leaned over her husband’s dead body.”

With a story as tragic as that, it is not surprising that the verdict felt no sympathy for January.

Because January was a minor when he committed the murders, his sentence is likely to be life in prison with a chance of parole in 40 years. He will be officially sentenced next week. His charged also include those of burglary, theft, and aggravated motor vehicle theft. He is yet to show an emotional response to his actions or the verdict.

Meanwhile the media remains completely silent on the issue. What do you think would happen if the roles were divorced?