Mccain Tries Force His Foreign Policy Agenda Down Trump’s Throat, Learns Instantly That Was A Huge Mistake

by Hank 0

In his latest attempt to undermine President Trump, John McCain appeared on MSNBC with Chuck Todd to demand that Trump
handle foreign policy his way.
“Not everybody thinks the Washington consensus on foreign policy has worked in the Middle East over the last 25 years,” Chuck
Todd began. “And it hasn’t. And you’re right. It hasn’t. But it wasn’t because of the people that are around [Trump] now. For eight
years, we basically did nothing in response to some of the horrendous war crimes in history. I support what he did, but we’ve got
to develop a strategy.”
Of course, the president has already made it clear that we are not invading Syria.
“There is still not an overall strategy that he can come to congress and his advisors and say, ‘ok here is how we are going to
handle Syria,’” McCain continued. “’Here is how we are going to handle post-Mosul Iraq.
McCain then went on to argue that America needs to be targeting regime change, instead of focusing on ISIS.
“Those 400,000 men, women, and children that were slaughtered—they weren’t slaughtered by ISIS—they were slaughtered by
Bashar al-Assad,” he insisted. “The war crimes are horrendous here and to just say we’re only after ISIS, in my view, rather than
regime change is something that we have to rethink.”
“There are some that will say the Washington establishment has sucked him in,” Todd said to McCain of Trump.
“I hope so,” McCain responded.