Massive Bomb Hits DNC About Muslim Hacker: It Was An Inside Job, Russians Not Involved

by American News Editor 0

Politically speaking, most of the past year has been bogged down by the huge mess associated with the Russia scandal.

Unfortunately there has been very little if any hard evidence that has been found during the multiple ongoing investigations.

The questionable, politically motivated rationale and attention seeking has been testing the public. Those on the left are also feeling the strain, which is giving them even more of a reason to want President Donald Trump involved in a crime in order to hasten his departure from office.

However, we all know that without evidence of a crime there can be no conviction.

The report by Patrick Lawrence of The Nation, a very liberal publication, has blown the scandal wide open. It details sound evidence in the case, which was compiled through extensive interviews with former national security intelligence officers and forensic experts.

The findings of the report concluded that this was not a hack because a hack was impossible based on the evidence. This had to have been an inside job by someone who downloaded information from the DNC servers directly onto a hard device and then transferred it, but nonetheless intended for the information to be released.

Below are the most fascinating elements of the argument in the report:

There is no evidence to support a “hack” of the DNC, a large group of experts agree.

The person downloading the files was on the East Coast of the United States, instead of Europe or Russia.

The “fingerprints” that were discovered on the documents were put there on purpose.

The DNC server has never been “hacked” until now because no independent agency has ever been allowed access.

It has been agreed that this was not a Russian hack by experts in the field of intelligence gathering and hacking.

What do you think about this scandal? Is there enough hard evidence to decide?