Look Who’s Walking Away In Hand Cuffs… Democrats Rocked By Massive Arrest

by American News 0

Earlier this month, former Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted on 18 counts of fraud and it was announced she could be facing spending the rest of her life in prison. Now, things have gotten even worse.

A local news station reported that Brown’s name may be taken off of a building in Gainesville, Florida. The Regional Transit System’s office was named for Brown in 2014, but after her conviction, they may be changing.
City spokesman Chip skinner told her that “due to her due diligence and getting the funding to build this wonderful new facility that will be here for the next 40 years, they decided to name the facility after her.”

“The City Commission is aware of the court findings last week,” he added, “and we are awaiting direction from them on the facility name.”

Brown has vehemently denied the accusations against her.

“I’m really happy that I can now at least thank the community for standing by me,” Brown said. “I am innocent. Everything is as normal as it can be. The last 15 months have been very difficult. It’s been a very difficult time in my life. I’m looking forward, as my pastor says, to the next phase of my life. This is not the end.”