Look What Trump Is Doing For Christmas… Blows Obamas Away

by American News 0

While the Obamas will be on a lavish Christmas vacation, President-elect Donald Trump intends to spend the holiday at Mar-a-Lago following his “Thank You” rally in Orlando, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. He plans to remain there for the week to spend time with family.

“The President-elect will be in Mar-a-Lago this evening and I would expect him…to be in Palm Beach for most of, if not all of, this next week,” Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller confirmed.

Trump began Friday with an intelligence briefing with his National Security Adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn. Following that meeting, he met with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence will also spend the Christmas holiday with his family in Indiana.

In addition to his “Thank You” rally in Florida Friday night, he spent this afternoon at an event in Mobile, Alabama.