Lindsey Graham Slams Susan Rice Wirth Brutal Truth Brick… It’s Time For Jail

by Hank 0

In the past few weeks, Senator Lindsey Graham has expressed his deep concern over Susan Rice’s ‘unmasking’ of Trump
associates during his campaign. Now, he’s committed to doing everything in his power to investigate whether her activities were
“I don’t know if that’s a crime or not, but I sure am uncomfortable with that,” Graham said in an interview. “I don’t know if she did it,
but here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to ask the people who did the collection; did Susan Rice ever request from you the
names of people on the Trump team that were caught up in the incidental collection, and did you provide her with any names?”
“Then, if she did, call her in and say, why did you do it and what did you do with the information?” Graham continued. “As a
member of the legislative branch of government, I don’t want the executive branch of government collecting my conversations
even if they’re incidental because I don’t want them to know what I’m talking about.”
“This is really scary to me,” he concluded. “I understand incidental collection is part of the process, but when you have
government officials like myself, the Trump team—I think you should cut the machine off.”
What do you think? Do you agree with Graham?