Latino Victory Fund Claims It “Threw A Jab To The Throat” Of Republicans And Plans On Doubling Down

by Kevin 0

The progressive Latino Victory Fund, the group who launched an attack ad on Ed Gillespie showing a Gillespie supporter in a pickup truck, with a confederate flag waving behind the truck as he tries to run minority children over, is doubling down on controversial ad campaign following Democrat Ralph Northam’s election as Virginia’s next governor on Tuesday night.

“Our ad was an honest reflection of the fears facing communities of color in Virginia and across the country,” Cristóbal J. Alex, president of the Latino Victory Fund, told Buzzfeed.

“It was designed to raise Latino voters’ awareness of Gillespie’s bigoted campaign tactics, and it accomplished that goal,” Alex said.

“Faced with vicious, racist attacks, we usually turn the other cheek or point our finger at the bully. This time we threw a jab to the throat and we will continue raising our voices wherever and whenever racism rears its head,” Alex continued.

Across the board, from right to left, the commercial has been criticized for being inaccurate and “race baiting.”

“Ralph Northam would not have run this ad and believes Virginians deserve civility, not escalation,” a spokesman for Northam emailed the Post.

This ad is absolutely disgusting and the fact that the Latino Victory Fund is attempting to rationalize and defend their ad is not ok. This is racism, the assumption that all Gillespie supporters are white and hate minorities is a dangerous and divisive assumption to make.

Democrats have made the claim numerous times since Trump has been elected, that he divides cultures and race, well what do commercials like this do? What about a normal middle class American family who supports Gillespie and saw this ad demonizing Gillespie’s followers, making the broad claim that they are racist or at the least, support racism, it’s not true, it’s not fair, and those kinds of political ads need to be met with resistance from the American people.