AT LAST: NFL Players Now Understand Who’s The Boss And Are Afraid To Kneel

by American News Editor 0

NFL kneelers have done more than enough to really damage the industry to a point where they are now starting to freak out. They thought they had a point and that they were the ones who were making the rules, but forgot the most important detail: WE are giving them their salary.

Disgusted fans have started cancelling their NFL packages, boycott the games, leave the stadiums more and more empty to record lows. Now, the owners are sh*tting in their pants and seem to understand who the real boss is.

Now, reports from players around the league match what some owners are saying.

According to The Root, who spoke with multiple NFL players on background, teams have ordered players to stand for the anthem and those who don’t put their own career at peril.

That obviously had the effect of a bomb thoughout the players and many became “scared” to protest. One of the main reason is that they want to keep their “not-so-bad-after-all » job and « feed their family.”

They thought their fame and their millions gave them every right, but they are starting to see who was ruling all the time.

Now, the question is: will that be enough for you to forgive them and stop boycotting NFL? Scroll down and answer in the comment section.