Lady Gaga Makes Disgusting Move To Undermine Trump’s Inauguration… She Will Pay Big For This

by American News 0

This week, as Donald Trump gets ready to take the White House, we’ve seen a ridiculously emotional display from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Katy Perry. All seemed to be encouraging Americans not to give up, and some were even brought to tears.

Cher, on the other hand, joined NYC protestors who were chanting against the President-elect.

“Walked out hotel & in2 New Yorkers. They were loud & proud that Americans have right 2yell how they feel. Hugged many..They have spirit,” she tweeted.

Earlier in Trump’s campaign, Cher said she would move to Jupiter if Trump was elected.

“World will never be the same,” she tweeted. “I feel sad for the young.”

Lady Gaga also participated in protests, showing up at Trump Tower early on Wednesday with a sign “Love trumps hate.”

“I want to live in a #CountryOfKindness #LoveTrumpsHate,” she wrote. “He divided us so carelessly. Let’s take care now of each other.”

This blatant disrespect is not surprising, giving how many of these celebrities invested their support in the criminal Clinton. What do you think? Do celebrities need to face the reality that Trump is our next president, whether they like it or not?