Just In: Law Requires Mueller To Recuse Himself

by American News 0

In a recent appearance, Fox News legal expert Gregg Jarrett suggested that Robert Mueller recuse himself from his position as special counsel because of his relationship with James Comey.

“If you look at the special counsel statute it says you cannot serve as special counsel if you have a personal relationship with someone who is central to the case,” Jarrett said.

“If this Washington Post story is true, it’s now Trump against Comey. Comey is now the star witness, the key witness against Trump,” Jarrett continued. “Well, guess what? Comey and Mueller are longtime close personal friends, partners, allies. They were joined at the hip at the DOJ and FBI. It’s a mentor-protege relationship.”

“How is this fair to Donald Trump? Because Mueller is now going to decide whether to believe his good friend or the man who fired his good friend,” he concluded.