Joy Behar Admits On The View She Doesn’t Want Trump To Succeed, Gets Instantly Destroyed By Meghan McCain

by Kevin 0

On Monday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar admitted that she had hoped that Trumps presidency would be unsuccessful. This came during a panel discussion based around “fake news,” and how Meghan McCain blasted her co-hosts for helping spread around the word that Trump had appointed Micheal Flynn to contact the Russians.

“I have a lot of things to say about this. When it happened in real-time, I think everyone was watching the show could see my discomfort at the room erupting like the Dodgers just won the World Series,” McCain shared. “Because I do think holding people to both standards — I remember when [Barack] Obama was in office Rush Limbaugh saying ‘I want my president to fail.’ And coming out and saying I could never get behind that because if our president fails it means America fails. I think if we’re celebrating a breach of national security, something so egregious… it’s going to tear our country apart.”

“I went to a Christmas party over the weekend, it’s no secret, most of my friends are in conservative media, I feel a lot like I’m an astronaut from a different planet come here to try to explain both worlds to each other, that’s how different I feel on this show sometimes,” she added. “And I will say that fake news, and what we did on Friday, that’s what I was accused of being a part of.”

McCain and Behar then disagreed over whether Ross’ report was fake news or a mistake, before Behar admitted that she didn’t want Trump to succeed.

“I’m not so sure I want him [Trump] to succeed at destroying the environment, playing chicken with Kim Jong-Un,” Behar explained. “So, I don’t want him to succeed at a lot of things. As you say, ‘we want our president to succeed.’ No I don’t.”

“I still at the end of the day, I love America,” McCain responded. “I’m a true patriot. I want Trump to succeed. I want Obama to succeed. I want America to continue being the greatest.”

“I love America too, it’s him I can’t stand,” Behar snapped back and then threw to a commercial break.