John McCain Back In January, Says Lindsey Graham

by Kevin 0

Senator John McCain from Arizona has been in the hospital the last week suffering from brain cancer but we are now receiving some positive news about his status.


“Senator McCain is in rehab. He’s coming back in January, (and) we need his voice now more than ever,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” in response to a question about the 81-year-old Arizona Republican’s condition.


The aggressive form of brain cancer McCain has been battling is called glioblastoma, it is known to be very fatal. He recently was hospitalized in Bethesda, Maryland for a viral infection and other side effects he was reportedly suffering from due to the intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


Graham, R-S.C., did not elaborate on his response, which echoed previous comments made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.


McCain’s office hasn’t released public information about his health since Dec. 17th, when it confirmed McCain had been discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to Arizona for physical therapy and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic.


McCain’s office said at the time that the senator “looks forward to returning to Washington in January.”

Mark Gilbert, chief of neuro-oncology at the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute, said in a written statement released at the same time that McCain “has responded well to treatment he received at Walter Reed Medical Center for a viral infection and continues to improve.”

“An evaluation of his underlying cancer shows he is responding positively to ongoing treatment,” Gilbert said.


Prayers go out to John McCain and his family, he has fought this brain cancer valiantly as we all expected him to do. If there is one thing everybody knows about John McCain it’s that he’s a fighter, and he will fight til the bitter end, lets show him some support.