Joel Osteen’s First Speech To Harvey’s Victims: Do Not To Have A “Poor Old Me Mentality”

by American News Editor 0

Joel Osteen has been under attack since he supposedly refused to open the doors to his megachurch once Hurricane Harvey was unbearable. However, photos have recently surfaced that show flooding in Osteen’s Lakewood Church, as he presented a statement that said, “the church doors have always been open.”

Osteen’s wealth seems to be something that left-wing media just can’t seem to leave alone. He is worth well over $40 million, and actor-director Tyler Perry just donated $250,000 to his church.

Osteen has recently warned Christians in Texas to veer away from the “victim mentality” as the articles mentions:

He said this statement during the following video “Hope for Houston”:

“We’re not going to understand everything that happens, but having a ‘poor old me mentality’ or ‘look what I lost’ or ‘why did this happen,’ y’know that’s just going to pull you down,” Osteen preached in his first sermon since Hurricane Harvey struck.

The pastor said, “So let’s don’t have a victim mentality, let’s have a restoration mentality. Lord, we thank you, that you’re going to pay back what belongs to us.”

So does this mean that Christians aren’t supposed to have compassion for the victims?

The reactions were obviously legendary:

This is not what Osteen meant in his sermon however, as Christians have longed practiced having faith during adversity.