Jerry Brown Is Asked Whether He Enjoyed It At The UN Climate Conference, His Answer Puts A Deep Chill In The Room

by Kevin 0

Nine days into his ten day European journey, Jerry Brown had an interesting answer to a very simple question. The Democratic Governor had just finished up interviews with news stations from Japan and Germany, when he was asked if he has bee enjoying his European trip, to which he responded:

“No, I hate everything,” he said, allowing the slightest smile. “Why do you ask that silly question?”

“I mean it earnestly” the reporter responded.

Brown then responded that at his old age of 79, if he didn’t enjoy it, would he still be running around Europe, to which the interviewer responded “maybe.”

“Why, because I’m a masochist?” Brown asked.

“There are certain things you have to do that aren’t as pleasant as other things you have to do, but if it’s something you want to get accomplished, you will do it, and there will be different levels of joy, from zero to 100 percent,” he said.

Brown then inquired if there were any more serious questions to be asked, and that he was not interested if the reporters enjoyed their jobs.

“I’m interested in that you do a good job, or that you are being productive.”

“Joy,” Brown added, fixating on the word. “See, I don’t even conceptualize the world that way … Some people say, ‘I had a great dinner last night.’ You know that story? Or, ‘Are you having a good time? Did you have a good buying experience?’

“I just don’t even think that way. I like virtually every meal I eat and every drink I take,” Brown said, turning to an aide. “So, I’m having a good time. Right?”

 Yeah… most people when asked if they are enjoying the foreign country they are visiting, by a member of the media, would just respond with “yes, it’s a beautiful country and I’ve had a good time”, but Brown decided to really delve into the question to let everybody know how he feels about life in general.