Jennifer Lawrence Gets Destroyed After Claiming Hurricanes Are A « Punishment » For Trump Voters

by American News Editor 0

On Wednesday Jennifer Lawrence, a Hollywood actress, stated during an interview with the British network Channel 4 that the recent hurricanes were “mother nature’s rage and wrath” because the United States voted for Donald Trump. Comedian Jackie Mason had some choice words for Miss Lawrence.

“She says it is nature’s wrath?” Mason questioned. “Somebody actually wrote that word for her because you could bet your life she has no idea what the word ‘wrath’ even means… She never heard of the word ‘wrath’ in her life. She thinks it is the name of the horse that came in third in Pittsburgh.”

He continued, “I guarantee you she doesn’t even know how old she is. Because she can’t even count that high. She probably thinks she is 10 because she never heard of the number 11. … And this girl became the authority for the Hollywood crowd that hates Trump so much?”

“There is nothing in the world that is not Trump’s fault. If a battleship sinks in Cuba it is because of Trump. If the wind blows the wrong direction in South Africa it is because of Trump.”

The reporter provoked Lawrence by telling her that “you voted very recently as a country.” She responded angrily, “it was really startling” because Trump was elected. 

Lawrence continued, “You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath.”

She had better stuck to what she really knows.

Do you think she got what she deserved?

Take a look at the full interview below: