IMPORTANT: One Of Roy Moore’s Accusers Worked For Hillary

by Kevin 0

One of the women who have come forward with allegations against Roy Moore apparently worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a sign language interpreter. Deborah Wesson Gibson claims that Moore pursued her while she was in high school.

Gibson has not responded to any requests for comments, and has not been talking to any media outlets since she made her initial statements, which she says she stands by.

Gibson owns the interpreting company Signs of Excellence, which provided services for Clinton during her 2016 campaign. her company has offices in Alabama and Florida and they offer sign language interpretation to businesses, politicians and more.

In a 2016 interview with Florida’s WLRN, Gibson outlined the challenges that come with providing interpretation at a political rally.

“One of the things that she (Hillary Clinton) does,” Gibson said, “Is that she’ll say, ‘You know what? If standing up for equal pay is playing the woman’s card, then DEAL ME IN!'”

“And you might normally interpret that say something like, ‘Include me,” says Gibson. “But because that’s one of the things that she says, we literally sign, “Deal me in,” like it was cards that you were dealing. We want to capture and hold that euphemism and let the deaf person have access to that as well. So they can be party of the frenzy”.

Photos with Gibson and Democratic leaders surfaced shortly after her testimony on social media, pictures with Biden, Hillary and others.

Clinton campaign expenditures do not list whether or not Gibson or her company were paid for their services, and neither Gibson and Clinton have responded to questions concerning if the services were a campaign donation.

This situation is definitely getting a little more complicated as one of the accusers of a Republican running for office was at one point working for a variety of Democratic leaders, and refused to answer questions about whether those services were paid or in the form of a donation.