Illegal Immigrants Facing Deportation Proceedings Will Be Given Free Attorneys

by Kevin 0

In the near future, every illegal immigrant who comes into this country illegally, undocumented and facing deportation, will be provided free legal help if they live in one of eleven metropolitan areas, who’s excited to pay for this?

This spawns from the Vera Institute of Justice, who recently launched their Safety and Fairness for Everyone–or “SAFE” Cities Network campaign.

So basically taxpayers are paying for illegal immigrants to have legal representation so they can have a better and more comfortable time as they get deported? Why are we determined to increase the incentives these illegal immigrants have to attempt to cross over into the U.S.?

The campaign plans to help the wide range of illegal immigrants who cannot afford representation because according to a study, immigrants who have legal representation fare a lot better than those without legal representation.

The results of that study, performed by the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (“NYIFUP”), suggested a 1100% increase in favorable outcomes based on a series of proceedings at the Varick Street Immigration Court in New York City.

In plain language, detained immigrants without attorneys had a success rate of around four percent while immigrants facing deportation with an attorney present had a success rate of roughly 48 percent.

According to a press release issued by Vera:

SAFE Cities Network members come from 11 politically, economically, and ethnically diverse jurisdictions that are united in their commitment to the belief that, regardless of whether an immigrant will ultimately stay in the U.S. or leave, a crucial way to keep our communities safe is to ensure legal representation for those whose future depends on it.

What is a “favorable outcome,” isn’t the outcome in every case that the defendant gets deported? Why are we paying to fight for rights for non-citizens coming into the country illegally?