Huge University Dumps White Males’ Applications For Disgusting Reasons

by American News Editor 0

Brandeis, a top-rated college, decided to refuse one funding sources to only white males. It is important that all colleges and universities are making an effort to cut down costs instead of making tuition less affordable for students.

Although the discrimination is strictly targeted towards white males, the University has addressed the issue by stating, “Pioneered with support from the Ford Foundation, this is the second consecutive year that grants and matching fellowships will be offered to help journalists of diverse backgrounds — widely recognized as underrepresented in the ranks of U.S. independent investigative reporters — to report and write important stories about unreported or underreported social justice issues.”

Clearly the grant that restricts white males comes with many benefits. This is affirmed in the rest of the University’s statement, “Recipients will also be awarded Schuster Institute fellowships, which will give them access to paid research assistance, the extensive offerings of Brandeis University’s library and technology services, mentoring, editorial guidance, and opportunities for pro bono, media-related legal advice from a major New York firm. The Schuster Institute will help publicize the fellows’ work through press releases, social media and the Institute’s websites.”

Do you think is discrimination?