Hillary And Obama’s Comments About Weinstein Have Something Extremely Wrong…

by American News Editor 0

So far, a massive amount of stars and celebrities have opened up about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment claims. There are two people whos comments stand out amongst all others, as they have something very unique…

What is unique about them?

They are absent. That’s right.

Neither Hillary nor Obama have commented on the allegations. They keep a “total silence.”

Even CNN has noticed something was wrong there.



Even her aides have been confused by the former secretary of state’s silence. Why has she not weighed in at all?











Wait. It’s not all true. Hillary actually did tweet a message to  “all the little girls watching”, but really not what you would have thought.



And what about Obama ? As Salam Morcos tweeted it : “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama silence is deafening.”



Knowing that Weinstein has been a massive contributor to the Democratic party, what do you think they have to hide? Scroll down and answer in the comments.