Hillary Clinton Proclaims Her Love For Islam, What She Said Is Unbelievable

by American News 0

America was founded on Christian beliefs. But you wouldn’t know that listening to President Barack Obama or presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Time and time again, in the wake of tragedy, Clinton and Obama have come to the defense of Muslims. They have essentially ignored attacks on Christians.

“I want to remind us, particularly our Republican friends, that George Bush was right,” Clinton said in a recent speech, referencing a comment made by Bush in 2001.

“We must all stand up against offensive, inflammatory, hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric,” Clinton continued. “You know, not only do these comments cut against everything we stand for as Americans, they are also dangerous.”

Clinton is not the first to make the absurd inference that Americans’ treatment of Muslims is of more concern than the repeated terrorist attacks on our country in the name of Allah.

“To all of our Muslim American brothers and sisters, this is your country too,” Clinton enthusiastically concluded. “And I’m proud to be your fellow American.”

What do you think of Hillary’s comments? Is it clear her priorities are in the wrong place? Will she make an even bigger mess of the White House than Obama did?