It’s Happening… The Mother Of All Bombs

by Hank 0

It appears the “Mother of All Bombs” is living up to its name—at least if the latest Islamic State death tolls from last week’s attack
in Afghanistan are any indication.
According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 100 bodies have been pulled from the tunnels hit by the largest non-nuclear bomb in
America’s arsenal. As of Saturday, CNN reported the death toll at 94, but Afghan officials only expect that number to rise.
The “Mother of All Bombs” is the nickname for the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, which weighs in at a whopping 21,000
pounds. The bomb was designed to penetrate bunkers and tunnels. The target for the bomb dropped on the Achin district of
Nangarhar Province was a tunnel complex that was being used as a safe haven for Islamic State group leaders.
The MOAB is designed to explode six feet above the ground, meaning that the blast penetrates downwards instead of radiating
from the site of the blast, collapsing structures below the surface.
“This was the first time that we encountered an extensive obstacle to our progress,” Gen. John Nicholson, the top military general
in Afghanistan, said on Friday. “It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the battlefield.
Of course, the decision to use the MOAB is not without controversy. But it certainly sent a message to ISIS leaders: Trump’s
America means business