THIS IS GOING TOO FAR: Liberals Block Christian Parents From Helping Children Because They Consider Them Dangerous

by Kevin 0

Over the decades, the idea of same sex marriage has become so institutionalized, that those who disagree have been labeled as ugly bigots, as opposed to just regular Christians upholding a 2,000 year old tradition.

The fact is that same sex education in schools is becoming common place in communities that hold traditional values, and those families that do hold traditional values are increasingly being seen as unfit ideologically to raise foster children.

Parents are now being declined foster children for holding a traditional view on marriage as it’s seen as somehow damaging to the child.

Such stories are now just beginning to surface in the mainstream media, with an Edmonton, Alberta couple being the latest example. From Canada’s national broadcaster:

An evangelical Christian couple is accusing Alberta of discrimination, claiming their application to adopt a child was rejected over their religious views on gay marriage and homosexuality. The Edmonton married couple say they submitted their application last year and passed a required course for potential adoptive parents.

But during a followup by officials this year, the couple say they ran into trouble when they answered questions about sexuality. The couple say they accept that same-sex marriage is a legal reality, but they don’t support it and believe that homosexuality is wrong.

“The casework supervisor explained that our religious beliefs regarding sexuality were incompatible with the adoption process,” says an affidavit filed in support of an application for a judicial review of the government’s decision.

“The casework supervisor said this stance was the ‘official position of the Alberta government.’ “

The couple said they were also asked how they would deal with a child who was questioning his or her sexuality. They told officials that children should be taught that sexuality should not be experienced or explored until a person is an adult and is married. The couple, who aren’t named in the legal documents, said they treat all people with respect and their views on sexuality would have no bearing on their ability to provide a loving, secure and happy home to a child. They said they never dreamed they would be disqualified from helping children in need because of their religious beliefs.