God Is Still With Him: Tebow Receives Game Changing News… Show Him Your Support

by American News 0

Recently, NFL quarterback turned baseball outfielder Tim Tebow received a promotion. He’s now back in Florida playing for the Port St. Lucie Mets—and he’s already making major moves. In fact, some suspect Tebow will soon be recruited to join the majors.

After stalling out with a .220 average in low A, the New York Mets prospect received a phone call that would change his life. Since he took the opportunity, the NFL quarterback has accumulated 10 hits in just 10 games, bringing him to a .345 average.

Even more impressive, Tebow is hitting .621 with an OPS of 1.093.

Recently, Wildcard proposed that “another promotion or even a September call-up might be in the cards for Tebow [that would] provide a massive boost to the Mets’ morale as well as to ticket and merchandise sales.”

Even if it is too late to make the playoffs, Tebow is certainly drawing tons of support. He’s even bringing in record-breaking crowds.

What do you think? Is Tebow finally getting the break he deserves?