Fox News Just Got Devastating News… They Are Losing It

by American News 0

Fox News and MSNBC have been going head-to-head for years now. Historically, Fox News has been on the winning side—until now. There seems to be a strong tie between the ratings race and President Trump’s political fortunes.

Fox has been strongly pro-Trump. With the President tied up in a scandal, MSNBC has out-rated Fox News in a prime-time advertising demo. In fact, both MSNBC and CNN have seen ratings spikes related to FBI Director James Comey’s firing and the debates ever since.

There is no question that Fox still has a loyal fanbase who watch the network throughout the day. It remains No. 1 in total viewers. But with the White House in crisis mode, America seems to be shifting over to MSNBC and CNN at least part of the time.

On Monday night, after the Washington Post broke the news that Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials, MSNBC was No. 1, CNN averages 608,000 and Fox sat at 499,000. That pattern continued through the week as other scandals surfaced.
Nicole Hemmer, who recently wrote a book about conservative media, had some interesting things to say on the topic.

“I found myself switching over to CNN because my hunger for any analysis was going unmet at Fox,” she said. “And this represents a real problem going forward for the network: What happens when a network chooses not to cover the story everyone is talking about? Fox’s ratings are down lately, and I think that could very well be connected to the lack of attention to breaking stories.”

What do you think? Is Fox News in big trouble or is this just a temporary dip?