After Flynn, Top Clinton Aides Also Lied To FBI But Received No Consequences In Return

by Kevin 0

News has come forwards that two of Hillary Clinton’s aids who were accused of giving false statements about what they knew of the former secretary of state’s private email server were questioned by The FBI agent who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team for sending anti-Donald Trump text messages.

Neither one of the Clinton aids, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, faced legal consequences for their misleading statements which were made in interviews with former FBI section chief Peter Strzok last year.

But Micheal Flynn, another Strzok interviewee was not so lucky.

The former national security adviser pleaded guilty last Friday to lying in an interview with Strzok and another FBI agent. Circa journalist Sara Carter reported on Monday that Strzok took part in that interview with the retired lieutenant general.

Strzok was the FBI’s top investigator at the time on the fledgling investigation into Russian collusion during the 2016 Presidential election. He was assigned to that position towards the end of July 2016, very soon after the conclusion of the Clinton email probe.

CNN reported on Monday that as the FBI’s No. 2 counterintelligence official, Strzok signed the documents that officially opened the collusion inquiry.

The questions being asked now, is that why are the outcomes of the two interviews so different? Flynn is going to be charged with lying to an FBI official, while the Clinton aids who did the same thing were let off the hook.

There is a clear double standard when it comes to democrats and republicans in the public eye and in the eye of the law, especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton. If you want more evidence just look at how different democrats and republicans are treated in the face of sexual allegations, we need to even things out between the two sides in this country.