Fire Rages At Clintons’ House

by Kevin 0

Apparently a fire broke out yesterday at a building on the Clinton estate in Chappaqua, New York but was quickly extinguished.


According to reports, the fire started on the second floor of a building that the secret service uses on the Clinton estate. The building is removed from the Clinton’s main house and is located behind the house, the Secret Service said in a statement.


The fire was put out by first responders with fire extinguishers and firefighters were called in to inspect the area and make sure it was safe, according to secret service.


The fire was reported about 2:50 p.m. at 15 Old House Lane, where former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have lived for nearly 20 years after buying it for $1.7 million in 1999.


The driveway was blocked off by New Castle police and at least three firetrucks and an ambulance also showed up to the scene. The Clintons previously had barriers around their house while Hillary was running for president in 2016, but they have since been taken down.


The main house, built in 1889, features five bedrooms, is over 5,232 square feet and has a pool on its 1.1 acres.

In August 2016, the former president and past presidential hopeful bought the four-bedroom house next door, at 33 Old House Lane, for $1.16 million.


The Clintons have a small fire in a building removed from their main house, and it was already extinguished, and they still alerted every emergency vehicle in the area and made them come to their estate to make sure it was okay.


One of the main knocks on Donald Trump during the election from liberals, and a reason why they thought Hillary was better was because she related to the common people more, but I don’t think very many people can relate to a fire being set off in their secret service house on their compound, and every police office and firefighter in town coming to your defense.