FINALLY: Clinton And The Obamas Get Out Of Their Rat Hole To Spit A Pre-Chewed Statement About Weinstein

by American News Editor 0

CNN did a recent report on Barack Obama staying silent regarding the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


Weinstein was a high donor of the Democratic party, which we believe why they are biting their tongues from speaking out against this issue. However, after days later, both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama release statements.

We are finally hearing the former president and Mrs. Barack Obama speak up about Harvey Weinstein and his absurd behavior towards women. Together, they released a statement expressing of how “disgusted they are of the recent reports.”

We are perplexed by their statement. Are they disgusted by the reports of Weinstein’s allegations or of his actual behavior?

Hilary Clinton also broke her silence and spoke up after days.


Now, the real question is, where is the $650K going that Weinstein donated? Will they be giving it to charity or are they keeping that dirty money around?

Comment below your thoughts and opinions of how you feel about Mr. and Mrs. Obama and Hillary Clinton speaking up.