FBI Identifies New Potential Troublemakers’ Group “Black Identity Extremists”, All Hell Breaks Loose

by American News Editor 0

According to Foreign Policy Magazine, a series of FBI documents were released to the public this month revealing a new troublemaker group. The FBI identified them as “Black Identity Extremists” (BIE). It is still uncertain what their motive is, but we do know that they are “violent, growing, and racially motivated.” We want to know who is behind this group and exactly what they plan to pursue.





The FBI has identified a myriad of “groups” that stand together under race, likeness in beliefs, or social identity. So what makes this group so distinguishable that the FBI is going to classify them apart from groups such as The Black Panthers, The Congressional Black Caucus, and Black Lives Matter? Considering The Black Panthers, The Weather Underground, FALN, and the Klan, the BIE seem to be individuals responding to social issues that carry out common acts without knowing others in the group.






Problems arise when the FBI classifies people under an identity for their “potential violent threat.” Political activism and rhetoric “may be constitutionally protected,” but these groups respond in anger towards officials or propose “anti-white rhetoric,” which puts them on the FBI radar as the next troublemaker group.





There a total of “nine persistent extremist movements” according the FBI, and the BIE falls under Black Identities. Their legitimacy as a group is due in part to their “acts of protests, advocacy, and civil disobedience.” We can’t let another group intervene with out nation. We must get to the bottom of who these people are and what their goal is.