Evidence That Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Crazy… What More Do You Need?

by American News 0

In a recent interview on “CBS This Morning,” Elizabeth Warren proved just how crazy she truly is. For reasons we don’t fully understand, the interview decided to ask her to name her favorite curse word.

“Poop!” Warren responded immediately. The interviewer wasn’t buying it.

“That’s a goody-two-shoes favorite curse word if I ever heard one,” CBS’s Chip Warren pushed back.

“No, it’s not,” Warren insisted. “Are you kidding? Have you ever seen a woman like my look you straight in the face after you’ve finished some long explanation of something, and just say ‘Poop?’ Try it.”

Clearly off-put by the bizarre comment, Chip asked whether Warren has ever shouted ‘poop’ on the Senate floor. Warren joked that she had not—but she may be forced to one day.

What do you think? Has Warren clearly lost it?