Costco Bows Down To Shariah Law In Sickening Way

by American News 8

Recently, a man reported on a controversial trip to Costco. When he arrived at refrigerated section of the store to choose some cuts of meat for the family, he spotted chicken breasts that were already boneless and vacuum sealed.

He was about to purchase the chicken, when he saw a sign that read “Certified Halal.” Instantly, the man was offended. Halal is the term that means that the meat is lawful to eat for a devout Muslim, but it differs vastly from terms like “Kosher” and here’s why.

For lawful meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the butcher faces Mecca, and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a tape plays the words over the loud speaker. The process is one of idol worship.

According to the man, serving the meat in the store is an attempt to force American communities to submit to Sharia law.

“I believe in the freedom of religion. What I am starting to observe, however, is that one religion (currently the minority) is being given a wide berth and allowed special status,” the man wrote. “Those that know their Bible are not surprised by this; we are talking about the religion of the anti-Christ after all. But it still amazes me that it can happen so suddenly and without anyone really taking notice.”

What do you think of this man’s experience at Costco?