Is Donald Trump Going To Be Impeached?

by American News 0

Just months into his presidency, liberals are more determined than ever to impeach President Donald Trump. Apparently, they can’t handle the fact that he is doing everything in his power to support hardworking Americans.

This week, Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman presented a case alleging that Trump’s “subtle, careful, slow, undercutting of press freedom” could ultimately get him impeached.

“I’m not talking about criminalizing the president’s actions—I’m talking about holding him accountable, and holding him accountable under the rubric of impeachment,” Feldman told Vanity Fair. “The real purpose of impeachment at the deepest level is for Congress to express its beliefs about what the right way to be president is, with respect to respect for democracy and the rule of law. And that includes not taking actions that are effectively intended to curtail press freedoms, to frighten the press, especially through corporate pressure, into ceasing to be effective.”

“That is how democracy erodes,” he concluded.

It’s clear that Feldman hasn’t been paying attention to the actions of the mainstream media, who have been unfairly targeting Trump since the beginning.

What do you think? Does Trump deserve to stay in office?