Conservative College To Build Gun Range On Campus, But That’s Not Even The Best Part

by American News 0

Earlier this year, Liberty University in Virginia sparked outrage in the liberal community when it announced that students with concealed handgun permits recognized by the state could keep their weapons in their dorms. Now the university is making headlines once again for its controversial decision to build a shooting range on campus.

The board voted 6-0, with one member abstaining, to approve a $3 million state-of-the-art facility on 500 acres of Liberty-owned property. The facility will be able to accommodate any Olympic shooting sport and will be open to students, law enforcement officials and members of the community. The range will solve a long-term problem for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, which has been unable to build its own range.

Neighbors have raised some concerns about noise levels and traffic but the Virginia Department of Transportation had no objections after looking at the plans. The university intends to fully cooperate if any concerns do arise.

“Liberty University has done an amazing job of trying to be a great neighbor,” Eric Zeher, Campbell County supervisor, told reporters. “They’ve built things into this plan that will keep the noise down. They’ve built things into this plan to keep people safe. So they’ve done their part.”

What do you think of Liberty University’s plans?