Congress Approves Bill Offering Free Cars To Welfare Recipients

by American News 0

Recently, the White House announced a plan to offer free vehicles to welfare recipients. According to reports the bill passed in a narrow vote. The program was initiated by President Barack Obama, and in many way mirrors what has become known as “The Obama Phone”, or the program through which welfare recipients can get free cell phone service.

John Earnest announced the program launch, stating “The free automobile program gives low-income Americans the opportunity to take ownership of a vehicle at no cost, and will also include a monthly gas card for $100. Any United States Citizen receiving welfare benefits qualifies for the program, which will be starting on January 5, 2015.”

Of course, the topic is not met without hi debate. Why should those on welfare be simply given a vehicle? Why not take public transportation? What will the costs be to taxpayers?

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell told reporters that this passing will be the downfall of President Obama.

“This absurd plan that the democrats have conjured up is beyond belief. I have no idea how or why congress passed this,” McConnell stated. “But I will tell you this: it is the beginning of the end for the Obama administration. Americans are fed up, and they are being called to the post. It is only a matter of time before impeachment hearings begin, mark my words.”

Earnest claimed that the campaign is designed to help unemployed Americans find work.

“Every American deserves the right to possess the ability to get themselves to a good job,” Earnest told the press. “Public transportation is very limited for most of the unemployment, especially in rural areas. This free vehicle assistance program is designed to change the way Americans are currently living. The President will sign the bill later this week, and the planning will be put into motion.”

What do you think? Should your hard earned tax dollars be buying cars for the unemployed? What about the many employed Americans who cannot afford vehicles?