Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Idiot Mouth At Republicans After Being Called Out For Harvey Weinstein’s Hypocrisy

by American News Editor 0

Looks like the tables have turned here for the Democrats… after calling out every Fox news anchor for sexual harassment, they seem to have one of their own. Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, was allegedly caught sexually harassing a multitude of women. The Democrats don’t seem to care, why? Because he has donated large sums of money to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Ironically, Chelsea Clinton is speaking out about her case with Weinstein sexually harassing her. The two have been caught in photographs exchanging friendly affairs, but Clinton feels the need to come and attack Republicans over the issue.


In a link from ‘Think Progress’ that Clinton shared, the editor, Judd Legum, exclaimed, “Weinstein’s conduct, as documented in the NYT, is despicable. Also despicable are those that are using the story exclusively as a political narrative, with no actual concern for the victims or issue.” Legume followed with, “Core issue here is not Weinstein’s political donations, but the powerful in Hollywood who knew about the conduct but stayed silent. It’s an issue of powerful institutions protecting predatory men. If you care about this, you’ll talk about that. Instead it’s being absorbed by the right into their slime machine.”


“This isn’t just an effort to weaponize it politically against “liberals.” It’s also an effort to distract from the actual discussion. FACT: Most of the folks talking about Weinstein on the far right don’t even believe sexual harassment is a problem,” wrote Legum.
America does not support sexual harassment, but when we are faced with a woman, such as Clinton, who isn’t the most truthful person, there might be some discrepancy. Needless to say, her mother, Hillary Clinton, has not spoke about the issue and has not returned any of the money donated to her profits.