Celebrities Have A Massive Collapse After Senate Tax Bill Passes: “Republican Party Is The Enemy Of The American People”

by Kevin 0

Hollywood stars jumps on Twitter recently to forecast the end of America after the Senate passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Saturday.

Some celebrity reaction was loom and gloom, like comedian Chelsea Handler who called the passage of the GOP-led bill “sickening.”

“What Republicans did last night to the poor and middle class in this country to reward huge corporations and the very wealthy is sickening,” she wrote. “So, for all the religious beliefs you hold, rewarding the people who fund your campaigns must be somewhere in the Bible.”



Actor Josh Gad called the bill’s passage “one of the most disgraceful acts in modern political history.”



The Senate reform bill, which passed on a party-line vote of 51-49, eliminates Obamacare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

More on the Senate bill from Breitbart News’ Sean Moran:

The Senate bill retains the current income tax system’s seven brackets, while the House version collapses the seven brackets into four. The wealthiest Americans would have their income tax fall to 38.5 percent, while the lowest tax bracket will fall to ten percent. Similar to the House tax bill, the Senate version will double the standard deduction for individuals to $12,000, and $24,000 for married couples. The Senate bill also raises the child tax credit from $1,000 per child to $1,650.

Michael Moore, a constant critic of President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, said the Senate bill is akin to “fascism” and said, “the coup is underway” and said, “the Republican Party is the enemy of the American people.”

These Hollywood stars have no idea what they are talking about, and only jump into the political scene when there is a popular opinion they should be sharing on social media, do we take anything they say on politics seriously? Or can we just disregard all of it?