BREAKING: White Man Beaten With Hammer By 4 Black Men In Ferguson [VIDEO]

by American News 0

As we all know, the liberal media has been covering the Michael Brown story nonstop, telling us over and over again how the so-called innocent black teenager was shot by the St. Louis police. Now, Ferguson is in an uproar, with a majority of the black community protesting his death with violent riots and crime. The incident has many wondering if the result would be the same if the victim were white.

There is no question that the death of Michael Brown is tragic, and details are starting to reveal that the police most likely acted unjustly. Still, one of the things we have to acknowledge is the fact that if Brown were white, the story would be getting a fraction of the coverage it is today.

In fact, we doubt that you’ve heard of this incident, which also took place in Ferguson. The case is one of a white man, who was assaulted with a hammer by four black men. In August of last year, a hot dog vendor was attacked with a hammer that was stolen from the Ferguson Home Depot. When the men left the store, they stole the white man’s cell phone, and when he attempted to chase after them, he was brutally attacked. He suffered serious injuries.

This hate crime never made headlines.

UPDATE: Sorry the video has been removed.