BREAKING: Trump Shocks Entire Nation With Huge Announcement… Will You Still Stand By Him

by American News 0

Donald Trump has been a man of many surprises ever since he entered the political arena, breaking boundaries that no other President-elect has been able to break before. Now, Trump announced he will once again be straying from tradition by utilizing a private security force when he takes office.

According to Mediate, Trump will continue to supplement the Secret Service protection afford to him with a private security force led by Keith Schiller, a former NYPD police officer who first started working with Trump in 1999. Throughout his campaign, Trump called on Schiller to remove protesters and calm crowds of rioters. Last year, Schiller gained national attention for removing Jorge Ramos from a press conference.

Politico reports that while several past presidential nominees have used private security or state police details, but experts could not name another president-elect continuing with their own security after Election Day, when Secret Service protection expands dramatically. In fact, the source reports, most candidates drop outside security the moment they’re given agents.

Trump, on the other hand, has actually increased his security after being granted government protection in November.

What do you think of Trump’s decision to maintain security? Would you do the same?