BREAKING: Rand Paul Attacked At His House By Antifa!

by Kevin 0

Yesterday, November 4th was the say of reckoning for Antifa, a radical liberal group that is looking to overthrow the Trump administration. The day was a massive let down for the group and very small numbers gathered around the country to do whatever it is they were going to do on this day of “civil war” as they called it. A bus of three people showed up to the white house the Maryland… three.

The only notable event that happened during the day of “civil war” is actually going to be a negative for the group, as one of their members attacked Rand Paul. Paul is a Republican Senator from Kentucky. The Senator was attacked in his home, with his family home, not many details of the attack are known, but Paul suffered minor injuries and is going to be ok.

Weirdly, this is being ignored by the media, A Senator was attacked by a political extremist in his own home, and nobody is talking about it with the severity that they should. Is it because the movement is liberal? or is it because Paul didn’t suffer much in terms of injury?

This is so sad, a radical political group that couldn’t even organize a rally, had one of it’s members attack a United States senator, because they couldn’t get the traction that they desired.

This group, Antifa, is clearly inciting people to be radical, and they should be shut down following this horrific attack on Rand Paul.

There is no room in the American political system for those seeking to to physical harm to it’s political opponents. Despite the fact that Liberals and Conservatives disagree, at the end of the day we are on the same side, and seeing one side attempt to enact such violence on a leader from the other side is disheartening, America is better than that.