BREAKING: Kanye West Announces He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism

by American News 0

Recently, rapper and egomaniac Kanye West made headlines after a racist comment was directed at his fiancé Kim Kardashian. The incident led to Kanye punching a teenager in the face.

According to reports, Kim was entering a medical building in California when the teenager called her a “n-word” lover. After being told that he should not use the word, the teenager allegedly threatened to murder Kim.

When Kanye heard of the news, he walked up to the teen and punched him in the face. Now, it appears that the rapper is threatening to leave the United States, claiming that he is dreading explaining to his daughter the negativity in American culture, society, and history.

According to West, “we’ve got enough money to buy our own island or some sh*t. I’ll be damned if I raise my daughter around ignorance and flat-out blatant racism.

What do you think? Would you be upset if Kanye left the country?