BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Gets One Of The Worst News Of Her Life, Investigation Reopened But…

by American News Editor 0

Hillary Clinton’s personal email server reaffirmed exactly what the investigators had predicted.

Newsmax reported that the Department of Justice’s investigation determined that Clinton’s private email system contained mishandled classified material during her position as Secretary of State. If Clinton admits to breaking the law and agrees to plead guilty, the DOJ will consider presenting Clinton with a plea bargain.

Although Clinton must sign the plea deal that has been presented to her and admits that she committed a prosecutable crime, the DOJ has offered not to file charges against her in return. They will also call off the investigation of her pay to play deals with foreign governments and businessmen that donated to the Clinton Foundation as well as paid her ex-husband, Bill Clinton, excessively high speaking fees.

Clinton has not been charged with any specific crime yet, and her attorney added that it’s extremely unusual for a prosecutor to offer a plea deal before an arraignment.

Ironically President Donald Trump recently criticizes Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not doing more to investigate Hillary Clinton.

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