BREAKING: Eric Bolling ‘Accuser’ Comes Clean…

by American News Editor 0

On Saturday, Fox News suspended host Eric Bolling from the network. Although he was accused of sexual harassment, one of his alleged “accusers” has just come forward to explain that she was never actually harassed by Bolling in any way.

Bizpac Review revealed that once Bolling had been suspended, rumors started to circulate that were specifically related to his sexual misconduct. For example, he texted unsolicited photos of male genitalia to one colleague at Fox News and two colleagues at Fox Business Network. Initially former Fox News Channel contributor Michelle Fields declared that she was one of these women. However, Fields eventually shot down the rumors later via a Twitter post.

Fields was first brought into this predicament when a story was published by the New York Daily News that said she “once asked contributors Michelle Fields and Katie Pavlich to rank Democratic political perverts as though sexual perversion against women was all fun and games.”

Bolling’s supporters are voicing that this is nothing but a ruse by the left to shut down conservative, pro-Trump voices. Michelle Fields supports this because her tweet gave evidence to the favorable character Bolling has.

What do you think about this? Do you think Bolling is innocent?