BREAKING: Clint Eastwood Announces He Will Be Doing A Campaign Rally For This Candidate

by American News 0


Recently, Donald Trump announced that he would be teaming up with Clint Eastwood, delivering a speech at his event. That’s sure to draw a crowd in California, with two of the most controversial conservatives together in one building.

The appearance will be part of a three-state swing Trump will be making through California, Nevada, and Arizona. On Wednesday, Trump announced that he would be making a speech on behalf of Eastwood to discuss “illegals and more.”

“I will be in California this weekend making a speech for Clint Eastwood,” he tweeted. “Then to Arizona and Vegas. Big Crowds. Discussing illegals & more!”

The speech, which will take place in Vegas, is titled “What the American Dream Means to Me, and How We Can Make America Great Again.”

What do you think of Trump’s appearance? Is this a smart move for the GOP frontrunner?