Brave Singer Unveils Gutsy Dress At The Grammy’s, But Look At The Back [SEE PHOTOS]

by American News 0

Many celebrities used the night of the Grammys as an opportunity to make a political statement—but nobody accomplished that quite like Joy Villa. In an act of extreme courage, Villa walked into the lion’s den sporting a “Make America Great Again” dress.

When Villa arrived at the 2017 Grammy Awards, she was wearing a simple white outfit. When she stepped onto the red carpet, however, she removed it to reveal a Trump poster-like “Make America Great Again” dress.

She also offered this sneak-peek on her Instagram:

At first, liberal Hollywood was confused by her statement. But it didn’t take long for them to get irrationally angry. Someone even went after Villa’s Wikipedia page:

Though she was predictably attacked by liberals on Twitter, many Trump supporters applauded her for her bravery.

“@Joy_Villa Major respect for you, Joy,” one Twitter user wrote. “Took a lot of guts to do what you did! Don’t listen to the haters!”

“@JoyVilla This one woman is stronger and more courageous than a million leftwing freaks!!!” another tweeted.

What do you think of Villa’s statement?