BLM Gets Louisiana Police Chief Fired After He Exposes Obama’s War On Cops

by American News 0

According to recent reports, officers are being fired for speaking out against President Obama and his lack of support for law enforcement.

Police Chief Skylar Dore reportedly posted on his personal Facebook page about how he believes cops and other law enforcement officials are getting a raw deal. He specifically commented on Obama and the “war on my brothers. (White police officer).”

This is well within his rights as an American citizen. He has a right to express his frustration at the killings of white cops by Black Lives matter supporters and other anti-cop organizations.

But that didn’t stop him from getting a pink slip for his posts.

Jonesville resident Sharon Stevenson voiced her concerns about Dore’s comments at a town council meeting last week. After the meeting, Stevenson said she did not know Dore enough to draw the conclusion that he is racist.

“My main concern is with everything going on right now, the whole country is hostile, if you are chief of police, why would you want to say something like that?” Stevenson commented. “If he had been just a white Americans wanting to rant and rave…everybody has their own opinion…but my though is that when you’re in certain positions, you have to present yourself in a certain way.”

Instead, Stevenson claims, Dore should be spreading messages of unity.

“Our country is in trouble, and we need to be praying,” Stevenson concluded.

What do you think? Do you support Dore for speaking his mind?