Black TV Host Erupts In Front Of Obama For Being A Hypocrite

by American News 0

Ever since Donald Trump officially became our nation’s President-elect, liberals have been claiming that Trump supporters are committing hate crimes against minorities all over America. They have little evidence to support their claims—unlike the hate crime committed by anti-Trump protesters that was caught on camera and live-streamed on social media.

Of course, the mainstream media has not been reporting on the incident. Now, two popular black YouTube stars are calling out Barack Obama and his Department of Justice for turning a blind eye to this disgusting hate crime.

This week, reports surfaced that a group of black teenagers in Chicago kidnapped a white homeless man and brutally assaulted him during a Facebook live session, chanting things like “F*ck Donald Trump” and “F*ck white people!” Led by Brittany Herring, the gang gagged, beat, and cut the terrified man while he begged for his life. At the end of the 30-minute attack, they forced him to drink toilet water.

Despite the fact that this is clearly a disgusting hate crime, the media has refused to address it. Diamond and Silk are not going to sit back silently while Obama ignores this crime.

“We would like to know where is the DOJ, @TheRevAl, the Civil Rights Movement and @CornellWBrooks to do his Sit In. #HateCrime,” the women wrote on Twitter.

There is no question if the victim of this crime was a black Hillary Clinton supporter, it would be all over the news.