Bill Clinton Excessively Promotes Islam, Claiming It Deeply Enriched The Country

by Kevin 0

Does anybody need another reason to dislike the Clinton crime family? As if they weren’t already the mot unlikeable couple in politics, Bill Clinton has made the ridiculous claim that in flux of Muslims into America has “deeply enriched” our country.

I would love to hear just one example of how our country has been “enriched.”

It must be the influx of popular islamic arts and music that have been amazingly popular, or their beautiful language that has really caught the minds of the American people, or how about their religion that preaches intolerance? All beautiful aspects of their culture that are totally “enriching” America right?

Well not really. As beautiful as their culture might be, it’s not really a big hit over here in America. Muslims have been coming over to America to experience our culture, we have gained little from theirs.

In their home countries, there is persecution against women, religious differences, provocative art and music, how is it that droves of Muslims from such a restrictive and rigid culture, are coming to America to experience our culture based off freedom of expression, and we can make the claim that they are “enriching” our country and our culture, as if we needed an infusion of intolerance into our society.

Maybe we should start taking some pages out of the Muslim societal book, since the have so much to offer. Why don’t we start dressing up our women in all black from head to toe? We should also start taking our children out of schools with formal education and instead subject them to a radical, religious education that isn’t useful.

I wonder what Bill Clinton has in mind when the word “enriched” came out of his mouth, what aspect of our country or culture is better off with a massive influx of Muslims?