Amid Ferguson Riots, Two Thugs Torture Nursing Home Patients For Disgusting Reason

by American News 0

According to recent reports, two women living in Georgia were recently accused of water boarding an elderly patient at a nursing home in Clayton County. The victim, 89-year-old Anna Foley, suffers from dementia.

Reports note that Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed, two nursing home employees, have been charged with engaging in an argument with Foley and then proceeding to lock her in a shower room. Allegedly, the two women also held Foley down against her will, using a shower curtain.

In the warrant that has been issued for their arrest, a description portrays how Steed and Reed supposedly used a shower nozzle to spray water in Foley’s face. The act violently obstructed her breathing, similar to waterboarding tactics.

Luckily, another employee at the nursing home facility walked in on the incident, and was able to stop and report the women’s behavior.

Apparently, the fight was over ice cream. Both women have been fired.